Newstrike Brands’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Up Cannabis, offers adult-use consumers an unparalleled line-up of dried flower developed in collaboration with our creative partners, The Tragically Hip. With a vision centred on “focused variety,” Up Cannabis launched with four different flower strains, each designed to fulfill a distinct consumer need. Strains like our Sativa-dominant Meridian and Indica-dominant Moon quickly became fan favourites, seizing significant market share early on. The upcoming launch of our newest Indica-dominant strain, Grace, will round out the offering, with the balance of 2019 focusing on format innovation.



With an eye trained on the nascent and rapidly growing personal care (topicals) market in the US, Newstrike Brands firmly believes in the potential of this cannabis segment. In early anticipation of the legalization of cannabis-infused topicals in Canada, the company launched its first, non-infused, personal skin care line, Upothecary, in November 2018. Gathering significant market buzz, the brand is expected to launch its first cannabis-infused topicals upon their expected legalization in Q4 of 2019.



Following the launch of dried flower products in Q4 of 2018, Newstrike Brands acquired significant extraction expertise with the hire of Trevor Folk, Vice-President, New Products, under whose guidance the company began ramping up oil extraction and R&D in the expanded labs of our Great Emerald Hall facility in the Niagara region. Cannabis oils are anticipated to launch nationwide during the second quarter of 2019.


Newstrike Brands wholly-owned subsidiary, Up Cannabis, has partnered with Green Tank Technologies as a supplier for vaporization hardware and technology. The partnership teams Up Cannabis with an innovative and cutting-edge vaporization hardware provider, paving the way for Up Cannabis’ private label vape pen consumer offerings upon their expected legalization in Q3 of 2019.

Press release September 2018: Up Cannabis and Green Tank Technologies Partner on Vaporization Hardware


Newstrike Brands has completed its previously-announced transaction with Neal Brothers Inc. to create a co-branded specialty food products company to develop, market and sell cannabis edibles upon their expected legalization in Q4 of 2019. Newstrike has also completed its transaction to acquire a minority interest in Neal Brothers. Fusing the capabilities of both companies will allow Newstrike Brands to develop truly innovative products of the highest quality. Leveraging Neal Brothers’ 30 years’ experience developing and retailing premium food products, uniquely positions Newstrike as an early outlier in the cannabis infused edibles space.

Press Release Dec 2018:  Newstrike and Neal Brothers complete agreement to create co-branded specialty food products company


With the anticipated legislation of cannabis beverages that do not contain alcohol in October 2019, Newstrike Brands is actively pursuing joint venture opportunities to come to market with a beverage.